Astrotravel Journey

Introducing a one-of-a-kind experience designed to illuminate your path, guide your travels through Merida, Mexico, and awaken your spirit. Choose from three enchanting services to create the perfect bundle for your cosmic adventure.

1. Astrotravel Natal Chart Reading: Unlock the secrets of the stars with a personalized natal chart reading. I will analyze the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, revealing insights into your personality, strengths, challenges, and life purpose. We delve deep into the mysteries of your astrological blueprint and discover the cosmic forces that shape your destiny. Discover your perfect place to live and thrive for only $44.44

2. Astrotravel Consultation: Take your journey to the next level with a one-on-one 45 minute consultation. We discuss your natal chart in detail, ask burning questions about your travel life path, relationships, career, and more, and receive personalized guidance and advice tailored to your unique astrological travel profile. Whether you’re seeking clarity, direction, or validation, our consultation is here to empower and inspire you on your journey. $33.33

3. Celestial Astrotravel Package: Embark on a celestial adventure like no other with this exclusive travel package. Based on the insights from your natal chart and consultation, I will create a customized travel itinerary tailored to your astrological sign and energy immersing you into local culture Each destination is chosen with your cosmic energy in mind, ensuring a transformative journey that resonates with your soul. $399.99

Choose one service to begin your cosmic exploration, stack them for a deeper dive into the mysteries of the universe, or bundle all three together for the ultimate celestial experience. Whatever you choose, the Celestial Journey Package is here to guide you on a magical adventure of self-discovery, enlightenment, and transformation here in Merida, Mexico. Are you ready to embark on your cosmic journey?

**BUNDLE & SAVE (Save Over $100 by Bundling)

* Natal Chart Travel Reading + Astrology Travel Consultation for $56.78

Natal Chart Travel Reading (FREE) or Astrotravel Consultation + Astrotravel Package for $399.99

Natal Chart Travel Reading $44 value + Astrological Travel Consultation $33 value + Astrology Travel Package $399.99 value Celestial Astrotravel Package ONLY $444