Ditch the doubts, fears, mental, emotional, and psychological trauma cords that bind you from living your best life.

Discover how to take inventory, and truly think through fears, limitations, and emotions to clear your path to sovereignty.

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Cut The Cord Course: A Guide on How To Leave The U.S. BS

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A guide to ditching the doubts, fears, emotional, mental, and psychological trauma cords that bind us from living our best life

There is an undeniable cord in which we are all connected. There is a spectrum of darkness or negative thinking that holds us back in life and a higher frequency or a “living in the light,” where we glow our best. Consciously we have the choice to live at either end of this spectrum. 

Because our lives are made up of many moving factors it can be difficult to understand and navigate at times, especially when embarking upon a new journey, it can unquestionably shake us. It is no small task to break the work, eat, sleep, and repeat pattern that the U.S. has ingrained into our nature.

My deepest desire in this guide, is too impart wisdom and lessons I’ve learned through my experiences. When taking on a journey of this magnitude, I will tell you emphatically, it takes courage, and this courage begins in our minds and ends in our hearts.

This guide allows:

  • You a moment to breathe
  • Take inventory
  • And truly think through fears, limitations, and emotions to clear your path to sovereignty

Whether it be Merida or another country, I beckon unto you … take a chance and change your life for the better.

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Here's What You'll Get

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How much value would you give yourself? Honestly ask yourself; what are my dreams, my life lessons, and experiences worth? Would I trade my life, loves, and challenges, for another person’s trials and pain?


Often it is hard to pen-point exactly what is holding us back, in these cases we need to give our fears and apprehensions a name.


In this module we are exploring our wants vs. our needs. What we can live with and what we cannot live without, when living in another country.


We are all innately born with gifts or skills. We are born with a sixth sense, some folks call it the Holy Spirit, intuition, in tune with the stars, whatever you call it, it is REAL, and it will guide you if you listen and obey.


Now this is a huge factor when it comes to how we change our negative and opposing thoughts to positive, uplifting, and productive thoughts. People are easy to say, “Just Do It,” … right, easier said than done. Guess what, “they are right” lol. JUST DO IT, this is exactly the way to take one step. Just take one step towards your goal, big or small.


This is a personal biggie for me. My experience in the states has been that of no empathy or emotional support. I have noticed that the U.S. stays in your head. Between news media, fear mongering propaganda, daily shootings, government shenanigans, friends and family issues, unhealthy food, air, people, and self-issues, it can take a toll on our emotional health and our ability to empathize with others.


When dealing with family, direct communication in my experience, is the best approach. Although I researched for months, some family members only saw the outcome, “I am moving to Mexico!” They did not see the work I put into the research, my visit, or the videos I watched about Merida for hours. The thought process through to the decision was a production but an excerpt to them. *This exercise is about how to navigate your boundaries and stay convicted towards your objective. You must be willing to do what it takes to break free from the constraints of the U.S. I implore you to find your WHY for moving to Merida and ACT on your findings.


*Your exercise for this module requires physical activity. Follow this ten-step healing conversation, as we get real with ourselves on what we really want in this timeline of our lives. Being confidently bold and loving yourself is essential to mind-building and being honest with yourself is the first step to being open to the possibilities that can manifest in your life. So, now it is time for a face-to-face talk with YOU!


*This exercise is a meditation audio- aid, which will help you visualize your life as you want to be, in the place you want to be!


It is time to get rid of your excess baggage! This exercise requires you to take a moment to take inventory on the things in your life. It asks you to put these things aside and see who you are without them. This exercise will stretch the imagination and help you gain more self-worth (which we talked about in module I) and it beckons you to dig deep for peace without finding your worth in things but rather your being.


What I have come to understand, is that no matter how old you are, we are all starting again when moving abroad. It is the quintessential, “do over”, it surpasses age, gender, and previous accomplishments. It is DAY ONE for us all.


In this lesson, Dr. David Snyder will perform a psychological exercise to challenge and expand your mind and visionary gland. To get you thinking, you will need your imaginary hat on! The exercise is fun and explorative, so get ready!

It's time to take charge of your destiny and start creating the desired outcome of your life.

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Word to the Wise

Being homeless taught me many lessons, one being most people are a breath away from it and secondly, it can happen suddenly and quickly. I gave my life to a company for nearly 20 years, and they gave me a thank you and a severance package upon exiting the building.

And you know what, today I have none of the things I acquired over those years.

The rest, I surrendered for a huge undertaking that gave me and my family a chance for a better life. A choice and a chance can help you aim, but it is you that must pull that trigger.

I realized I never lost anything. I am still intact, making better decisions for my future self.

Understanding life has chapters, helps you move ahead with joy looking ahead to the next adventure. Your world is not a one-way street. You have many streets, avenues, and boulevards to explore. Life is consciousness so, “what’s in your wallet?”

Open your mind, open your world.



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Meet Your Teacher

Meet your teacher

I have been through significant changes in my life and my goal is to ignite desired change in folks’ lives through what I have learned and my experiences.

The point of the matter is I suffered a great deal living in the United States. I suffered from PTSD, depression at times and an absolute feeling of isolation, alienation, and...