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Get insight and knowledge about your move, visit, or scouting to Merida Mexico! Learn new skills and gain opportunities to help you flourish in a new city, new country, and a new LIFE!

Learning New & Developing Old Skills

Unlimited access to classes such as Canva, Cap Cut editing, PowerPoint creating, and more. This includes two virtual classes per month, downloadable creative workbooks to stir the imagination and ideas and guidance on how to create a niche’ of your own. Workshops such as the Isolation and Worthiness Workout including Virtual (GoogleMeet) Q/A.

**Are you tired of working for someone else? Want to an extra stream of income? Do you simply want to do something you love?

Canva classes, Content Creation use FREE software. No downloads needed to click and create! Access to FREE resources to enhance your business or personal projects.

This membership program gives you life skills, expands your natural talents and gifts and  provides applicable training for anything you heart desires. Your mind is your field of imagination and learning to create imaginative and exciting content gives you a picture perfect view of the possibilities.  The good news is that ANYONE can take advantage of learning these programs and skills. You are never to young or too old to become a better version of yourself. Invest your time in things that are beneficial and that can enhance your future. Start here, Start TODAY. 

This membership program can assist you with finding freelance and office work by enhancing your technical skills in a marketplace where it is demanding.


What You’ll Get From This Membership

Most people just end up putting it off and regretting opportunities later. But YOU are not like most people. That’s why you’re here and taking action!

This membership program is your personal guide, helping you develop new skills, gain confidence and commune with like mind people with a stress free, productive, supportive and safe environment. 

Your hand will be held as we walk through small challenges to HUGE successes.

Together we’ll cover:

Learning and Enhancing Skill sets 
Learning Content Creation and Editing
Creating and/or Developing a Niche’ 

Workshops, Courses, POP Quizzes, personalized lessons and so much more!

Keeping track of technology can be daunting. Most jobs and personal businesses these days require advanced skills in content creation, social media management, and editing skills. Staying on top of these requirements can be frustrating, that’s exactly what we are going to tackle in this program. 

This membership program is your personal guide, helping you breeze through your next life processes with confidence.

This program will help you with…

  • faster ways to learn skills and applications. 
  • The tried and tested methods to ensure we train all that knowledge you’re learning.
  • How to make learning not only easy, but fun!
  • How to make an income doing what you LOVE!

All of that and more is included for just $17 a month.

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Your membership includes:

  • Immediate access to the membership community ($9.99/monthly value)
  • Content Creation Classes – Sessions ($9.99/each)
  • FREE Creative Companion Workbook ($5.99)
  • On-demand video replay ($2.99/monthly value)
  • Bi-Weekly Q & A Sessions ($199/year value)
  • Access to the Adventurers’ Alliance Facebook Community
  • and so much more!

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